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Oil Holster - Single - Duraspa Vinyl - High Seas Upholstery


By your side, this single 8 oz. bottle holster is handy, convenient and durable - allowing easy access to your belongings.  Whether it is your Phone, Eye Glasses, Massage Oils or Pens, this pouch can hold it.

Made of ultra-durable and ultra-soft Duraspa fabric, a premium quality PVC vinyl material that has superior resistance to tearing and abrasion with 2-way stretch and rated at over 1.5 million “double-rubs”.  It retains the ultra-soft feel of polyurethane (PU) fabric but with the durability of a PVC fabric. DuraSpa is finished with Endurepel™ Armour making it able to stand up to any harsh/medical-grade cleaners recommended by Health Canada* and makes cleaning easier. In fact, most spills can be cleaned with a soft damp cloth.

Sewn with industrial-strength Sunguard™ UVR Thread for added strength & durability. 

The 1" nylon webbing belt clips on and off easily and has a hidden sliding adjuster making it adaptable to many body sizes.  Belt extends to 52" (132 cm). 

Purchase an 8 oz. bottle for your holster

Care Guide:

Step 1: Use the mildest solution/concentration you are able to use.  Follow the proper cleaning and safety instructions of the chosen disinfectant.
Step 2: After the allotted disinfectant contact wait time – Wipe the vinyl down with a mild soap and water solution.
Step 3: Dry the area with a separate dry cloth to maintain the longevity of the fabric. Always make sure your vinyl is fully dry before storage.

If you are not going to be using a harsh disinfectant, simply wipe the vinyl down with mild soapy water, then wipe away any excess residue. 

Available in:  Raven, Seagull, Vanilla and Cream

Handmade in Canada by High Seas Upholstery of Hamilton Ontario.  The quality of workmanship and materials is evident with one glance. 

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