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Lavender Soy Melts - Homestead Lavender

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Homestead Lavenders's melts are PURE & PLANT BASED, infused with Lavender Essential Oil and Buds to enhance your space subtly, yet beautifully. 

Often called wax tarts, these are designed for use in a simmer pot or tart melter.

Many wax melts use an icky combination of toxic paraffin wax & synthetic chemical-based scents - in contrast, breathe easy knowing these aromatic goodies are made from 100% Soy and scented with Lavender Buds and Lavender Essential Oil.  

5.5 cm x 2.25 cm

100% Soy blended with Lavender Buds and Lavender Essential Oil. 

37 grams

Proudly handcrafted on a family farm in Urbania NS.

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