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For Massage Therapists and Reflexologists, this is a wonderful, therapeutic start to a treatment focused on the feet.  Not only will it soften & warm the tissue in advance of the care you’re about to impart, it alleviates fungal issues and inflammation.


2 Cups Epsom Salt

20-25 drops of Essential Oil -  any combination of Lavender, Tea Tree, Eucalyptus, Peppermint  &/or Rosemary

Thoroughly combine the Salt and Oils in a large bowl.  Because Oil & Water do not mix, it is important that the Oils are carried into the water via the salt rather than being dropped directly into the water.  For future use, store the Foot Soak in a Glass Jar with a secure lid.

Add ÂĽ Cup of Foot Soak to your Basin and fill with 4-6 litres of warm to hot water.

The basin should be broad enough to comfortably accommodate feet - placed flat - as well as tall enough for the water to cover the ankles & placed on a towel on the floor.   

Soak for up to Twenty Minutes.  Ask your client to lift feet from the basin.  Move the basin to the side and ask your client to rest their feet down onto the towel.


Place small smooth stones in your basin for heat retention - the stones will radiate heat as the water cools - and clients love the sensory feel as well as the sound as they move their feet about.


For first-time clients who are completing their Health History &/or other paperwork, this is beneficial use of visit time.