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Acupuncture Needles - SEIRIN - J Type - 100 Pieces


SEIRIN J-Type needles feature an easy release comfort grip handle with Light Touch Insertion and are color coded for easy size identification. Made from only the highest quality surgical stainless steel, J-Type needles are synonymous with gentle, painless, and stress free acupuncture. The guide tube edges are rounded for the patient’s comfort and the shaft of the needle body is centered on the handle to ensure accuracy during treatment.

All SEIRIN needles are sterilized with Ethylene-Oxide Gas (ETO) in strict compliance with GMP, AAMI (American National), ISO 9002, CE Mark (European Common Market), and WHO (World Health Organization) guidelines. Extensive sterility, biological, and chemical tests are performed on each production lot to validate that every needle is sterile, hygienic, and non-pyrogenic. Additionally, samples from each lot are subjected to further testing and are retained at the manufacturing facility which allows for full quality oversight of each lot, over time.

Available in:

No. 1 (Red) (0.16) x 30mm - $16.00

No. 2 (Yellow) (0.18) x 30mm - $16.00

No. 3 (Blue) (0.20) x 30mm - $16.00


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