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HAGINA 35 Herb Oil - 500ml - 100% Pure


Hagina products are made in Germany & trusted by Health Professionals worldwide for their potency, effectiveness and natural ingredients. 

A time-proven blend of pure oils, this masterful fusion of 35 Oils, Herbs and Plants is a soothing oil that heats slightly when applied and penetrates with its active herbal ingredients.  

With it's appealing pine-scent, this natural Herb Oil will refresh your senses and rejuvenate your body. 


Orange, soybean oil, lemon, Siberian fir, peppermint oil, scots pine extract, anise, star anise, dwarf pine extract, eucalyptus oil, juniper, dill, rosemary, pine tree, celery, citronella, European silver fir, Spanish sage, lavender, spearmint, caraway, cajeput, thyme, chamomile, cinnamon, cloves, broad leaf tea tree oil, cypress, nutmeg, marjoram, sweet flag, coriander, garlic, Mediterranean wintergreen, and ginger root.

Uses include:

Body Massage.

A liniment to relieve sore, overworked muscles. 

A sauna oil or non-foaming Jacuzzi bath essence.

Added to your favorite Massage oil.

Added to your diffuser.  

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