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HAGINA Herbal Pro Massage Oil - 500 ml.

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Hagina products are made in Germany & trusted by Health Professionals worldwide for their potency, effectiveness and natural ingredients.

This Herbal Oil was formulated in Europe & used by Athletes as well as Therapists, the combination of the active ingredients include Vitamin E and Calendula Extracts which  have a therapeutic effect when applied.

Formulated to be used full strength ~ a little goes a long way ~ apply four or five drops to a muscle group and massage in. 


Orange, soybean oil, lemon, Siberrean fir, peppermint oil, scots pine extract, anise, star anise, dwarf pine extract, eucalyptus oil, juniper, dill, rosemary, pine tree, celery, citronella, European silver fir, Spanish sage, lavender, spearmint, caraway, cajeput, thyme, chamomile, cinnamon, cloves, broad leaf tea tree oil, cypress, nutmeg, marjoram, sweet flag, coriander, garlic, Mediterranean wintergreen, ginger root, calendula extract and Vitamin E in a base of soya oil. (Non G.M.O)

There are no Genetically Modified plant products or extracts used in the manufacturing of Hagina products and only the finest raw ingredients are used. No animals are used for product testing.


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