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PET Plastic Bottle - 250ml (8.5 fl. oz.) - Frosted Olive


Something different!  These frosted Olive PET Plastic Bottles are both elegant and  durable - & - provide a unique option for storing and dispensing Oils, Gels and Lotions. 

The Olive coloring offers some UV protection for the storage of photosensitive products and ingredients.

Choose from one of four Dispenser types: 

White Pump

White Translucent Pump

White Pop-Up Disc

Black Pop-Up Disc

BPA Free, these bullet-style bottles utilize 24/410 standard closures.

Fits perfectly in both Single and Double Holsters.

Note:  To preserve the quality of this packaging, it is strongly advised against cleaning in the dishwasher (including caps and pump) as the harsh environment and high temperatures could potentially damage them.

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