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Oil Holster - Black - Single - High Seas Upholstery

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By your side, this single bottle holster is handy and convenient - allowing easy access to  your belongings.  Whether it is Phone, Eye Glasses, Massage Oils or Pens, this pouch can hold it.

Made of ultra-durable premium quality Corudra™ fabric that won't stretch, is easy to clean and easy to care for.  It is also machine washable!  

The belt clips on and off easily and has a hidden sliding adjuster making it adaptable to many body sizes.  Belt extends to 52" (132 cm). 

Handmade in Canada by High Seas Upholstery of Hamilton Ontario.  The quality of workmanship and materials is evident with one glance. 

1" nylon webbing belt.  Pouch fits bottles up to 16 oz (473 ml) but is pictured with and most often used with 8 oz (240 ml) bottles.  

8 oz (240 ml) bottle included. 

Sewn with industrial-strength Sunguard™ UVR Thread for added strength & durability. 

Available in:  Black


Spot Cleaning

1. Spot clean with soapy water

2. Wipe with a clean damp cloth 

Care Guide Washing Machine

1. Wash in cold water on gentle cycle


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