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Skin Mist - Aromatic Rose Floral Water - 240 ml.


240 ml

This aromatic floral water or hydrosol is a Steam Distillation of Rosa Damascena.  Rosa Damascena is also known as Damask Rose or Rose of Castile.  When compared to its Essential Oil counterpart, this Hydrosol is a soft more subtle concentration. 

Soothing and luscious, this Skin Mist is a favorite for enhancing  facial treatments.  From relaxation to a more treatment focused approach as in addressing TMJ concerns, this Mist is a beautiful beginning.  Best applied while your client is supine; hold the bottle 1.5' or 45 cm above & back from the face so that the mist droplets gently rain down onto the clients face. 

Dually functions as the perfect Room Spray. 

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