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Massage Table Warming Pad - Master - 72"


Enhance the client experience with comforting warmth. This Heated Pad is the perfect companion to your Massage Table.

72" x 29 3/4" (lxw) (1.83 m x 76 cm)

Brand:  Master

1 - 10 hour adjustable shut-off timer with adjustable heat settings from 37 C - 60 C (98.6 F - 140 F) 

Elasticized fasteners at all four corners to keep this Pad securely in place.

Color: Light Beige 100% Polyester -  the terry velour covering is soft, plush and well-edged with a Binding Trim. 

ETL listed to provide maximum safety with UL listed cable components.

Heating cables distributed evenly across the Pad ensuring quick, even heat and no cold spots. 

120 Voltage 

115 Wattage

Works well with the Deluxe Fleece Pad Set. 

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