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Natural Bristle Dry Brush - Detachable Handle


Made from natural bristles, this dry brush has a long wooden handle and a removeable brush.  The 14" handle allows you to access those "hard to reach" spots especially on your back - and - the removable brush is ideally palm-sized with a jute hand strap.  The natural bristles have the perfect texture - soft yet firm.

When not in use, the built-in loop makes it easy to hang. 

Massaging the body using a firm dry brush with soft, natural bristles has many benefits including:

- exfoliates, softens and brightens rough, dry skin

- detoxifies by unclogging pores, increasing blood circulation and promoting lymphatic      flow/drainage

- stimulates and invigorates the nervous system

Great to add to a massage treatment or to extend the benefits of massage treatment for clients at home.

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