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Body Positioning System with Storage/Carrying Case


To maintain musculoskeletal alignment & provide optimal support and comfort, this positioning system reduces stress and tension in clients who are pregnant, post partum, post surgical, have larger middle areas or who are unable to lay comfortably on their abdomen.  All the while, allowing therapeutic access.

The Thoracic Cushion and the Pelvic Cushion are connected by Velcro which assists in secure placement & also allows elongation of these two key positioners for your clients who may be longer through the torso.

Brand:  BodyMate

What's included:

Adjustable Head Cradle with Memory Foam Face Cushion

Thoracic/Chest Cushion

Pelvic Support Cushion

Leg Bolsters

Travel/Storage Case for stowage when not in use.

Available in:  Agate Blue 

Model MB-16

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