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A few simple guidelines for 100% Cotton and 50/50 Poly Cotton Blends:

Pretreat the stains before laundering.  While a standard laundry stain remover will work, a Dish detergent is the best option for massage linens because it is formulated to break up oils and grease.  Let it soak into the linens for as long as time allows.  The general Rule of Thumb is the longer the fabric has been soiled, the longer the soak time.  

Sooner is always better when it comes to laundering after use.

Avoid using bleach as it will damage fibers over time, causing the fabric to break down.  If your linens need brightening up, add ¼ cup of Lemon Juice or ½ cup of vinegar to the Wash Cycle.

Wash in warm water and rinse in cool.

To reduce wrinkles, remove from the Washer as soon as the cycle is completed, shake out and place in the Dryer.  Dry on a low heat setting and remove and fold as soon as the cycle is completed.