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Herbal Oil - - Arnica - - 500 ml. - Made In Canada


On it's own, Arnica is the ultimate in healing carrier oils - blended with other carrier & essential oils, it creates a therapeutic experience with undeniable benefits. 

Arnica Herbal Oil is quite simply Extra Virgin Olive Oil infused with the herb, Arnica at a standardized rate of 11.3%.  The infusion is accomplished by placing the herb into the carrier oil and applying gentle heat.  In this way, the properties of the Arnica are passed into the Olive Oil thereby producing a final product that has the properties of both the herb and the Carrier Oil. 

It is said that Arnica has the ability to regenerate tissue, reduce inflammation & pain and is believed to assist with wound healing and muscle strain.

500 ml

Origin:  Canada 

Verified by ECOCERT / Cosmos Approved

Heterotheca Inuloides (botanical name of Arnica) infused in Extra Virgin Olive Oil

This Oil is packaged in a metal container for safe shipping.  It is recommended that it be transferred to a dark glass container to maintain freshness.  Keeping it in a cool, dark place and refrigerated, if possible, will maximize shelf life. 

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