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Bath Robe - Microfiber Coral Fleece - One Size - Polyester


Experience nothing but pure indulgence with this Microfiber Coral Fleece Bath Robe! The Velour Finish ensures softness, coziness and quick drying capabilities.


- Open front

- Shawl Collar

- Two front pockets

- Removable self-tie belt (2 loop-style belt holders)

- 100% Polyester 

- Loop-style handle for hanging when not in use

- Durable, long lasting, quick drying, absorbent and machine washable

- Available in Grey, Taupe, White & Black

With its one-size fit, this unisex robe promises utmost comfort with its extra layer of warmth.  Crafted for people who enjoy effortless luxury.  Ideal for the hospitality businesses alike, this long-lasting robe is perfect for any spa or salon. 

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