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BodyMed® Digital Moist Heating Pad 14" X 27"


Nearly twice the size of most standard heating pads, this digital pad provides Deep Moist Heat to an expanse large enough to cover the entire spinal area, the length of a hip and leg or the entire shoulder complex.  Effectively relieving pain associated with soft & connective tissue dysfunction, this well-proportioned pad addresses associated muscles and complexes, not just one small isolated point.  

Moist heat penetrates more deeply than dry heat and this Moist Heating Pad produces moisture utilizing the humidity in air reducing the inconvenience of adding water. 

An easy to read LCD Control allows you to set and monitor both the treatment temperature and the time  from 86 to 166 degrees Fahrenheit and 1 to 60 Minutes.

A Lock Out Feature allows you to guard against unintended touching during the treatment.

Maximum Temperature 166 F 
Cord Length 6’ 6" 
Electrical Specifications 125 Volts 2.64A/330W Max 40-60 HZ
Weight 3.75 lbs

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