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Chattanooga ColPac - Cold Therapy Packs in 3 Sizes


Cold or Cryotherapy, when applied directly to the affected area is used to control pain due to inflammation, swelling and acute injuries. 

The cover of this Cold Therapy Pack is highly durable, long lasting and latex free, Chattanooga will outlast other economy models.  After hundreds of applications, these Packs will not leak, crack or become brittle.    

Filled with a non-toxic silica gel that is pliable when frozen and remains pliable throughout the treatment. 

Delivers up to 30 Minutes of soothing relief.

Available in:

Neck        - 21" long (53cm) - Black Polyurethane - $32.00

Standard - 11" x 14" (28cm x 36cm) - Blue Vinyl - $31.00

Over Size - 11" x 21" (28cm x 53cm) - Blue Vinyl - $50.00

Half Size - 7.5" x 11" ((19cm x 28cm) - Blue Vinyl - $20.00

Instructions and Care:

Remove from freezer.  Place a towel between the ColPac and the skin as you apply it to the area to be treated. 

Before storing in the freezer, wipe away all moisture from the ColPac.  To preserve and maximize the life of the ColPac, seal it in a plastic bag and store in the freezer when not in use.  Always lay the Colpac flat in the freezer. 

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