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Chest Comfort Bolster or Pillow - T-Shaped Wedge


In lieu of a Table with a breast recess option, this Chest Bolster Pillow will provide support and comfortable body positioning in the mid to upper body area.  It is the perfect solution for feminine comfort during massage and other procedures while in the prone position.  

It features a T-shaped wedge that has openings for breasts as well as a component to support the Sternum and abdomen below, relieving stress to these areas and making the massage experience more enjoyable. 

This foam-filled pillow or bolster is covered in Polyurethane making it simple to wipe after each client. 

With a width of 18.75", this Bolster fits well on any Table.  From bottom to top, it has a tapered or wedge design and is 21.25" (54 cm) long and 3.5" (9 cm) at it's highest.

Available in Blue and Green


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