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EarthLite Angle Comfort Bolster - Triangular Wedge


EarthLite's Angle Bolster is a foam-filled bolster covered with EarthLite's Comfort-Flex Polyurethan Upholstery - an upholstery with a Tri-Bond adhesion technology.  Designed for extended durability and comfort in commercial clinics and spas.  Comfort-Flex passes 16+ weeks of Hydrolysis Testing (ISO 1913) and 325,000 double rubs on the Wyzenbeek Scratch Test.    

A large part of the massage experience is positioning a client properly and comfortably while at the same time allowing ease of therapeutic access. The angle of this Wedge or Angle Bolster is designed to act as a backrest to comfortably position clients who have medical conditions which prevent them from lying flat. It is often used with pregnant and geriatric clients who require a semi-supine or semi-upright position during Massage Therapy.  As well, it it often used below the knees when the client is in a supine position.

If your without a tilt table, this is a handy tool. 

Dimensions:  10" x 20" x 27"

Available in:  Black & Mystic Blue

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