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EarthLite Deluxe Table Warmer - Samadhi-Pro

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TWO-IN-ONE Deluxe Table Warmer & Fleece Pad with One Inch of thick, luxurious fleece.  This Samadhi-Pro Deluxe Table Warmer has digital controls and timer that automatically shuts down after up to 12 hours.

30" x 72" (76 cm x 183 cm)

13' cord.

Fast & even heating.

Four elasticized corner straps to securely fasten & maintain placement even as clients move and flip. 

Customize the temperature up to 122F to meet your clients needs. 

The Sanskrit term Samadhi (a state of bliss or enlightenment) best captures the essence of Earthlite's top-of-the-line, luxurious accessories. Earthlite designed the Samadhi-Pro line for massage professionals, who seek to give their clients the ultimate massage experience. The Samadhi-Pro line of massage accessories and supplies utilizes the finest materials, advanced design, and superior attention to detail. From digitally controlled table warmers, super high thread count velvety flannels, to thick and warm fitted fleece pads. For the ultimate in accessories and supplies, choose Earthlite's Samadhi-Pro.

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