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EarthLite STRETCH GUARD™ Silicone Cover


Protect your clients.   EarthLite makes it easy ~ introducing the Stretch Guard Cover, the industry’s first disinfectable, reusable Face Cradle Cushion Cover.

The molded, seamless design and chemical resistant silicone material makes disinfecting easy.  The cover is stretchy and form-fitting and fits most industry standard crescent Cushions. 

Disinfecting an older Face Cradle Cushion can be a big challenge in the current Covid climate.

Washable (dishwasher safe), reusable, durable, and safe.

Pair it with the EarthLite Face Pillow for a great fit!  Click her for details.

  • Protect your clients                    
    Provides a waterproof, germproof barrier between your Face Cradle Cushion and your client.

  • Disinfectable, Chemical Resistant        
    Made with 100% silicone rubber that is chemical resistant and easily disinfectable.

  • Seamless Design                                     
    Germs have nowhere to hide.  Easy to wipe down.

  • Washable, Reusable, Safe                      
    Dishwasher safe.  Reusable.  The Stretch Guard cover is arguably the most cost-effective way to protect your clients and your cushions with intense disinfection.

  • Stretchy, Fits most crescent cushions    
    Stretchy, form fitting silicone rubber creates a disinfectable, clean and safe barrier between the client and the upholstery. 

  • Made by Earthlite                                   
    Headquartered in Vista, CA - Earthlite has been the trusted leader in massage and wellness supplies since 1987.


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