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Flannel Fitted Sheet - White - 100% Cotton

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This 100% Cotton Flannel Fitted Sheet is 36" x 78" x 4" (wxlxh), a standard twin or single sheet that fits optimally on Massage Tables with a 28" to 32" width.

With a perimeter that is fully elasticized, this fitted sheet will remain firmly in place as clients move and flip. 

Cozy, soft and warm, your clients will love the flannelette feel especially in the chillier months.

Flannel quality is measured in weight - the higher the weight, the higher the qualtiy, thickness, longevity & softness.  Our flannels are 150GSM (ie. The weight of the fabric in grams per square metre) or 4.42 ounce per yard - a premium quality, non-pilling flannelette.

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