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Flannel Flat Face Cover - 100% Cotton


23.75 x 16.75", these extra large Face Covers fit very nicely on the KOR Innovation Tables - both face hole and horseshoe style - and on Tables with larger Face Rests or Face Cradles, like Chiropractic Tables.

The Merit Spa Collection‚ĄĘ features¬†medium weight flannel that is double brushed to ensure your clients are always in contact with plush softness.¬†¬†The 4.5 oz flannel is durable and the perfect weight for year-round use.

100% Cotton White Flannel, these Covers are in the flat style making them neat and easy to fold.  No elasticized edges, these drape nicely over any size Face or Head Cushion and are especially a good pairing with extra large Face or Head Cushions. 

All edges are finished with an attractive Serger Stitch that ensures durability over months of frequent laundering. 

Available in White or Off White 

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