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Flexa-Cover™ Protective Table Cover for Salon Tops (NEW)


Protect your treatment table investment from harsh cleaning protocols.  The Earthlite Flexa-Cover™ is made with disinfectable chemical and water resistant, 100% PU Natursoft™ material.  Easy cleaning and extra protection! 

The innovative Flexa-Cover™ features full length, double stitched elastic trim and Stay-Put™ adjustable straps and corner gussets designed to allow your protective cover to flex with the movement of the table top while also staying in place. 

Minimize your cleaning bill by conveniently placing your table warmer or Fleece pad underneath the disinfectable cover.

Sewn eyelets allow easy insertion of your face cradle platform.

Easy to install - Simply stretch the Cover over your Table and Table Warmer and then adjust and tighten the corner straps. 

Fits both 30” and 32” wide.

Looking for the ORIGINAL Flexa-Cover™, here is a link:

Flexa-Cover™ Protective Table Cover for Salon Tops Spa Salon Supplies NS – Massage Mercantile

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