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Gecko Holly Gel - Made in Canada - 2 & 4 Litres


Gecko's Holly Gel is everything Holly Oil, only better!  This product starts thick which allows the Gel to stay in your hands while warming and spreading effortlessly on the client's skin.  It is long lasting & seldom needs reapplying. It has a clean, light feel and exceptional glide and is also a good medium for essential oils.

Available in:

2 Litres (68 fl. oz.) - $39.00

4 Litres (1.06 gallons or 135.25 fl. oz.) - $70.00

Made in Canada 


Holly Oil, Versagel, Polysorbate 50, Phenonip, Jojoba, Vitamin E

(Holly Oil is a a proprietor's blend of light mineral oil and various essential oils and carrier oils.)

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