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Himalayan Salt Warming Bowl with 6 Round Massage Stones


Pure Himalayan Salt for an enhanced Massage Therapy experience.  Thanks to the extraordinary composition of Himalayan Salt, rich in essential minerals, the body will be restored and rejuvenated.  

It is believed that Pure Himalayan Salt Stone bestows the following benefits:

  • When warmed, Himalayan¬†Salt Stones release negative ions into their surroundings
  • Reduce inflammation
  • Antimicrobial, antifungal & antibacterial properties create a detoxifying effect¬†
  • Remineralize the skin

7" Wide Base Abundance Bowl with 6 Round Massage Stones

Himalayan Spa‚ĄĘ Abundance Bowl Lamps come with 6 Himalayan Salt Balls (2.5" inches each) that when placed in the bowl under a 25-watt bulb, they are slowly & gently warmed for Massage Therapy.¬† When not using for therapeutic purposes, the Abundance Bowl makes a beautiful nightlight or centerpiece.

Please note that this is an unenclosed WARMER - the Stones will be warm not HOT as compared to Hot Stones that are immersed in water within a Hot Stone Massage Heater.  

CAUTION:  Water causes salt formations to erode.  Wipe rather than rinse and never soak in water.

CAUTION:  Remove the black rubber protector that surrounds the bulb before inserting into the bowl. 

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