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Himalayan Salt Foot Roller - 1.1 kg

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Himalayan Salt is known to be the purest salt on our planet.  It is hand-extracted from reserves at the foot of the Himalayas - these mines are the result of massive sea evaporation that took place millions of years ago. 

This pure salt is enriched with 84 trace minerals and elements including potassium, iron and calcium to enhance healing.  Since ancient times, people have been visiting the salt caves to treat respiratory ailments and skin conditions and improve overall well being.

When Himalayan Salt is heated, it releases negative ions into the surroundings which bind to free radicals.  Free radicals are unstable and highly reactive molecules or ions which cause chain reactions in the body, otherwise known as oxidation, which in turn leads to stress, cell-damage, disease, and accelerated aging.  When the negative ions from heated Himalayan Salt binds to free radicals, they are neutralized.

Himalayan salt crystals are anti-microbial (anti-fungal and anti-bacterial) thus when the crystals contact the skin, a detoxification effect is achieved.

It is also believed that Himalayan Salt Stone Massage reduces inflammation muscle tension and improves circulation. 

8"  (20 cm)

1.1 kg  (2.4 lbs)

As a Foot Roller, the design and composition will assist with Plantar Fasciitis, Arch Discomfort and other conditions of the foot and ankle by easing myofascial restrictions and muscle tension as well as improving circulation. 

Ergonomically very easy to hold, this Roller doubles as an excellent massage tool for Quadriceps and IT Band. 

CAUTION:  Water causes salt formations to erode.  Wipe rather than rinse and never soak in water.

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