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Hydrocollator HotPac - Moist Heat Therapy


Hydrocollator Moist Heat HotPacs are the first choice for physiotherapists, physicians, chiropractors, athletic trainers, massage therapists and kinesiologists for over 60 years.

Chattanooga is the inventor of the original Hydrocollator HotPac and proud to still be producing this all-natural product today.

The benefits of moist heat therapy over dry heat are well established for pain relief due to arthritis, myofibrosis, back pain, muscle strains and spasms.

These Hydrocollator HotPac's provide up to 30 Minutes of Deep Moist Heat making them the top choice for Health Care Professionals.  These all natural packs contain bentonite, a natural hydrocolloid filling, wrapped in a woven cotton blend. 

These HotPac's have brown tabs for easy rotation in busy clinics. Highly durable, one Pack can be utilized for hundreds of treatments making this a cost effective option. 

Available in three sizes:

Cervical (Neck) 24" long - Model #11-1311

Lumbar 10" x 12" - Model #11-1310

Thoracic 10" x 18" - Model HP1018

Half Size 5" x 12" - Model #11-1313


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