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Neroli - 3% Dilution (Jojoba) - 100 ml


What is a 3% Dilution?

For those seeking rare and exotic Essential Oils like Jasmine, Lotus, Rose, etc - you'll be pleased to find these premium Essential Oils offered in an affordable 3% dilution.  Dispersed in Golden Jojoba, 3% dilutions are the most economical way to experience and utilize their magic.  These dilutions may be used directly on the skin or blended with other Oils or Massage Mediums.  

100 ml

Origin:  Canada

Botanical Name: Citrus aurantium amara

Extraction Method:  Steam Distilled

Blends well with:  Lavender, Lemon, Clary Sage, Myrrh and spice oils such as Nutmeg, Cinnamon Bark and Clove Bud. 

Aromatic Scent:  Neroli Essential Oil has a sweet, floral citrus aroma.

Description:  Neroli Essential Oil is derived from the blossoms of either the sweet orange tree or the bitter orange tree.  This variety comes from the bitter orange tree which is viewed within the aromatherapy world as being of higher quality.

Common Uses:  Any type of skin can benefit from this oil, although it is particularly appreciated in creams for dry, irritated or sensitive skin.  It is also used in toners and minimizes the appearance of pores. It is one of the most popular floral essences use in fine perfumery, a few drops of which will make any unscented cream more sophisticated and elegant.

Choose a carrier oil such Fractionated Coconut Oil.

Packaged in an Amber Glass bottle to retain maximum freshness. The Euro dropper top in each bottle conveniently controls the amount of oil to be dispensed and tamper evident ring ensures that you receive an un-tampered product.

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