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Oakworks Stabilization Strap - 2-4" wide

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The Oakworks Stabilization Strap can be used to mobilize joints during Physical Therapy assessment and manipulation.   The 4" strap attaches with a hook-and-loop-closure system and helps free up the therapist hands while providing mobilization leverage. Physiotherapists, Chiropractors, and other Rehabilitation Practitioners can use the Strap to perform mobilization, isolation or range of motion techniques. 

2-4" wide

  • Great for range of motion, mobilization, isolation
  • Wide straps offer more surface area for client comfort
  • Adjustable in length over a wide range for stabilization of any body part
  • Secure and strong, the heavy duty design will last for years
  • Designed to work with most Portable Massage Tables and the Oakworks PowerLine Stationary Table, the adaptor attaches to each side of the table frame

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