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Oil Holster - Double - EarthLite - with Bottles

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This EarthLite Double Holster includes Two (2) refillable pump bottles, a double quality-woven nylon holster and a 1" adjustable strap.  Make your life easier with table side access to your massage mediums.  

REDUCES SPILLS:  The two (2) refillable pump dispenser bottles reduce spills, providing a cleaner, safer work environment for you and your clients.  Each bottle holds 8 oz. (240 ml.) of Lotion, Oil or Gel. 

ADJUSTABLE – FITS EVERYONE:  An adjustable and detachable nylon strap (26-50") with an easy-clip buckle fits all shapes and sizes comfortably.  

This is an essential tool for quick and tidy dispensing.  Ideal for Therapists who use two different Massage Mediums OR a scented and an unscented Medium.  Keep your oils, lotions and gels convenient, close at hand and eliminate spillage.

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