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Oil Holster - EarthLite - Single & Double



This EarthLite Holster is available in a Single or Double option and includes refillable pump bottles, a double quality-woven nylon holster and a 1" adjustable strap.  Make your life easier with table side access to your massage mediums.  

REDUCES SPILLS:  The refillable pump dispenser bottles reduce spills, providing a cleaner, safer work environment for you and your clients.  Each bottle holds 8 oz. (240 ml.) of Lotion, Oil or Gel. 

ADJUSTABLE – FITS EVERYONE:  An adjustable and detachable nylon strap (26-50") with an easy-clip buckle fits all shapes and sizes comfortably.  

This is an essential tool for quick and tidy dispensing.

The Double Holster is ideal for Therapists who use two different Massage Mediums OR a scented and an unscented Medium.

Keep your oils, lotions and gels convenient, close at hand and eliminate spillage.

Available in:

Single with Bottle & Pump - $19.00

Single without Bottle & Pump - $24.00

Double with Bottles & Pumps - $27.00

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