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Spray Bottle - 24 oz. (710 ml.) - with Trigger Sprayer


This bottle is useful for cleaning and maintenance applications for compact storage and easy dispensing of concentrated cleaners.  The bottle can be filled with an automatic dispenser, or a pre-mixed cleaner or disinfectant solution.  

The Trigger Sprayers help control the volume and delivery of cleaning solutions to improve performance and reduce waste.  It is adjustable to deliver everything from a fine mist to a jet spray.


  • Hand held dispenser bottle for concentrated cleaners
  • Screened red W.H.M.I.S. panel to indicate hazards
  • Graduation markings for convenient & accurate mixing and measuring
  • 24oz capacity, 28mm/400 thread neck
  • High density polyethylene for chemical resistance
  • Consistent targeted delivery of cleaners and disinfectants
  • Made in Canada¬†
  • Trigger Sprayer contains a filter screen to reduce blockages from debris
  • Markers range from 2 oz. to 24 oz. with corresponding milliliter and dilution markers¬†

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