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Stone Heater - 18 Quart - with Removable Reservoir


This professional 18 quart Stone Heater is ideal for full-body Hot Stone Massages as it can accommodate a large amount of stones.

The heating unit maintains a constant, even temperature so your massage stones are warm or hot, depending on your choice of temperature.  

The Stone Heater is very easy to use & clean.  Place a towel at bottom of the Reservoir, add your Stones, fill with water and set the temperature to your desired setting depending on the Therapy you'll be providing - Warm or Hot Stone Massage. 

Because the water reservoir is teflon coated as well as removable, cleaning is a breeze. 

The Unit has large Cool-Touch Handles for safe & convenient handling and is made of stainless steel - and the black lid is made of aluminum - which makes it efficient, long lasting and rust free.  

Holds 18 quarts of water and an approximate capacity of 60-90 stones depending on their size. 

Sleek, attractive and easy to wipe exterior - finishes are stainless steel and black - making it aesthetically pleasing and a nice addition to any decor. 

VOLTS 115V, 60Hz

Operating Range of 120-150 Fahrenheit allows you to rapidly bring the Stones up to the desired temperature and then maintains a constant, even heat.  

Target Temperature Display ranges from 105 - 160 Fahrenheit (40-70 C)

Current Temperature Display ranges from 32 - 160 Fahrenheit (0-70 C

• Dimensions:23" X 14" X 10"

• Microcomputer Temperature Control with the ability to choose your preferred form of measurement, ie. Imperial or Metric

• Digital Display Shows Current Temperature and Target Temperature

• Removable water reservoir

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