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Tibetan Singing Bowl


Singing Bowls are a perfect partner in meditation, and a great tool for relaxation that is said to help combat stress and anxiety. This handcrafted singing bowl is made of high quality metal materials from Himalayan ore. This material is known as mixed material and consists of a traditional copper base.

Unique design - each artisan has their own mixing formula that makes the tone, frequency and harmony of each singing bowl different. The bottom of the singing bowl set is a unicorn horn pattern that symbolizes the promise of happiness and health.

Pleasant and Long Lasting Sound - Use the included clapper to tap gently on the edge of the Tibetan Singing Bowl that can be tapped clockwise or counterclockwise. This creates a calm, clear, calm and relaxing sound.

Material:  Copper, wood
Color:       Golden
Product size:   Bowl:  8.5 cm  Rod:  12.5 cm   Pillow:  7.5 cm

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