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Stool Cover - Dual Fit (14"-15") - High Seas Upholstery


Make Your Stool Look Brand New Again!

Is the vinyl on your stool cracked or ripped and you aren't quite ready to replace it? This Stool Protector is the perfect solution to extend the life of your stool! Made with ultra-durable, yet soft DuraSpa material, it is easy to clean & disinfect between treatments while not having to worry about it breaking down.

  • Fits 14” & 15” stools, with 3”- 4" depths.  Easily slips on 14".  15" requires strong hands but once on, the cover fits like a glove and fully covers the 4" of depth.
  • Fitted with a sewn-in woven elastic
  • Topstitching for strength and style
  • Made with materials rated for Spa, Therapy & Healthcare settings
  • Covered with anti-microbial, anti-fungal & anti-stain DuraSpa PVC Vinyl
  • Waterproof, wipaeble & easy to clean
  • Can handle frequent cleaning with harsh cleaners/disinfectants
  • Ultra-Durable, and ultra-super soft material rated for 1.5 million double-rubs!


Care Guide:

Step 1:  Use the mildest solution/concentration you are able to use. Follow the proper cleaning and safety instructions of the chosen disinfectant.
Step 2:  After the allotted disinfectant contact wait time – Wipe the vinyl down with a mild soap and water solution.
Step 3:  Dry the area with a separate dry cloth to maintain the longevity of the fabric.

If you are not going to be using a harsh disinfectant, simply wipe the vinyl down with mild soapy water, then wipe away any excess residue. 

Always make sure your vinyl is fully dry before storage.

Available in:  Raven, Seagull, Vanilla and Cream

Handmade In Canada by High Seas Upholstery of Hamilton Ontario.  The quality of workmanship and materials is evident with one glance. 

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