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Vitrectomy Mirror - EarthLite - Adjustable - no assembly required


The EarthLite Adjustable Face-Down Vitrectomy Mirror is designed for 24/7 face-down recovery after eye surgeries like vitrectomy, detached retina and macular hold.  When utilized with our Massage Chairs and our Massage Pro-Lite Pack'N Go Face & Head Cradle, the adjustable compound mirror allows you to comfortably watch TV and have conversations during your recovery.

The mirror is fully adjustable thanks to its high-quality hinge and allows you to see everything from floor to ceiling.  Easy to carry, durable and lightweight, it's your post-surgery connection to the outside world.

WATCH TV & COMMUNICATE - The generously sized Earthlite¬ģ face-down Vitrectomy Mirror lets you watch TV and see what is in front of you while staying in the prescribed position.

No assembly required.

COMPOUND ADJUSTABLE MIRROR - Everything will show right side up, not upside down. The flexible hinge allows you to see anything from the ceiling to the floor by simply adjusting the mirror back and forth into position.

FROM EARTHLITE - a trusted source of quality massage and wellness supplies and equipment since 1987.   Earthlite provides outstanding customer service from its USA headquarters.

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