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ThermiPaq Hot & Cold Clay Therapy Pain Relief Wrap - Reusable


The ThermiPaq Hot & Cold Pain Relief Wrap uses a thermal ceramic compound made from all-natural, clay-based materials to retain heat when heated and stay cool when frozen.Ā 

Developed by a former NASA engineer, this revolutionary "Theramics" compound utilizes radiant energy to create a deep penetrating, therapeutic system for hot and cold applications. ThermiPaq's radiant energy offers distinct advantages transferring heat and cold slowly and evenly to your affected pain area.Ā  This allows Theramics therapy to penetrate deeper and more effectively.


  • Fits tight to conform to all parts of the body.Ā The hot cold pack conforms to all parts of the body including the back, knees, ankles, and elbows.Ā  The clay-based properties of Theramics enable you to easily mold the ThermiPaq pad to any affected area for better pain relief
  • Clay based hot & cold therapy - Whether you're looking for a microwave heating pad to reduce swelling or need a cold pack for pain relief, it can do both. The reusable heat pack and cold pack uses clay to retain a consistent temperature for long periods of time.
  • Safe and easy to use.Ā  TheĀ radiant energy technology allows ThermiPaq to heat evenly throughout without generating any hot spots that can harm your skin. For hot therapy, the pad quickly heats in the microwave (see included instructions for actual times). For cold therapy, place the pad in the freezer and it is ready for use in one hour.
  • Included is a soft cover with hook and loop straps making it easy and comfortable to use and ensures that it always stays in place.Ā 
  • ļ»æAvailable in medium 6" X 12".
  • Portable and reusable.

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