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EarthLite Breathe-Easy™ Headrest Pocket Device


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Individually $10.50

Five Pack $49.00

Protect your staff and your clientele, while providing a more comfortable face-down breathing environment for your clients.  The new EarthLite Breathe-Easy™ Microfiber Headrest pocket helps trap respiratory particulate and potential viral aerosols while providing a larger surface area for the exchange of oxygen and CO2

This cost-effective device is designed to enclose around most commonly available headrest platforms and improves comfort for the client.  Quality materials and professional stitching make this item durable and easy to wash.

Drop in an aromatherapy pad to heighten the experience.

Regular Price:

Individually $15.00

Five Pack     $70.00

• Machine washable and wrinkle resistant

• Reusable and easy to install

• Enclosed environment traps respiratory particulate and potentially viral aerosols

• Microfiber chamber allows for an easy exchange of fresh oxygenated air

• Full elastic trim for a snug fit and extended durability

• Available in convenient 5-packs Specifications

• Height: 12"(30 cm) • Diameter: 10.5" (27 cm)

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