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MYO-THER N-Zyme Cleaner | Laundry Additive


~ Biodegradable

~ Bacteriostatic

~ Multi-enzymatic

~ Made in Canada

Myo-ther N-Zyme contains three enzymes to fully break down stains into carbon dioxide and water whether they are proteins (blood), oils (lipids) or carbohydrates.  It also contains surfactants that lift debris and dirt from fabric as well as hard surfaces and it's bacteriostatic properties prevent microbial growth on items cleaned. 

Highly concentrated, simply add 30ml to a regular wash load after warm or cold water has been added.  Use the regular amount of laundry soap  and run through the cycle, as normal.   

Formulated from biodegradable materials, Myo-Ther is environmentally safe and is not harmful to sewer or septic.

Tested and found to be compatible with most materials, fabrics and surfaces.  (Test in an inconspicuous area for colour fastness prior to use.)

Available in:

4 Litre - $84.00 

1 Litre - $40.00  

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